How To Rename a Hard Drive or USB Drive in Windows 8

This post takes a look at how to rename a hard drive or USB flash drive in your Windows 8 computer. 

This post only deals with Windows 8 as the steps are slightly different on Windows 7 computer,
Renaming your hard drives can help in identifying which drive is which when you have multiple hard drives in your computer. Again, this is an easy walkthrough and does not take much time at.

So, the steps,
  1. Switch to the Windows 8 desktop.
  2. From the desktop left click on file explorer from the bottom left of your screen (if you don't see the file explorer folder icon on your screen see step 3.
  3. If you don't see file explorer move your mouse pointer all the way down to the bottle left corner of your screen and then right click, from the menu left click on file explorer.
  4. From the list of locations down the left side of the screen left click on Computer.
  5. Locate the drive you wish to rename from the drives displayed.
  6. Place your mouse pointer on the drive and right click.
  7. From the menu left click Rename.
  8. Now the name of your drive is selected type the new name for the drive.
  9. Once you have entered a name left click anywhere on the screen off the drive.
Your hard drive or USB drive will now display is new name and will be a lot easier to recognise while you are moving your files around your computer.