How To Add A Shortcut to the Windows 8 Start Screen

This post looks at how to add a shortcut or tile as they are known in Windows 8 to the start screen. 

The start screen makes finding and opening you apps and programs in Windows 8 so much easier. All apps downloaded from the Windows App Store will be added automatically as they are downloaded but you may have other programs maybe on the desktop that are not on the start screen.

Adding apps is a very easy process, for Windows Store type apps,
  1. From anywhere on the start screen type the name of the app you want to add.
  2. From the search results right click on the app tile.
  3. From the menu at the bottom of the screen left click Pin to Start.
  4. Back on the start screen you will see your new shortcut which can be moved anywhere on the start screen.
For programs on the desktop,
  1. Right click on the program.
  2. From the menu that appears left click Pin to Start.
  3. Again back on the start screen you will find your new tile.