How to Add a Bluetooth Device to Windows 8

In this post I take a look at how to pair a Bluetooth device to Windows 8. 

This is a really straight forward and easy process and the only requirements are the your computer has Bluetooth enabled as well as the device you are attempting to connect to it.
So, to get started.
The first thing to check is that Bluetooth is enabled on both ends and the both the computer and the devices Bluetooth is discoverable.
As there are some many devices out there that you could be pairing via Bluetooth it's impossible to cover the the settings on these and so I will only cover setting up Windows 8 in this post.
What follows is the walkthrough for Windows 8,
  1. From the Windows 8 start screen move your mouse pointer down to the bottom right corner of your screen to open up the charms menu.
  2. From the charms menu left click on Settings.
  3. From the settings menu left click on Change PC settings.
  4. From the PC settings screen left click on Devices from the list on the left side of the screen.
  5. At the top of the Devices left click + Add a device.
  6. Once the scan has run you should see your Bluetooth device listed.
  7. Left click on your device and you will be shown a passcode.
  8. Check that the passcode is the same on your device as on your computer screen.
  9. If they are the same left click Yes on Windows and pair on your device.
You should now see your Bluetooth device in the devices list.
So, that's it, you are now paired up and ready to go.