Cleaning Up Your Computers Hard Drive

In this video I take a look at one of the ways you can clean out old files and folder from your computers hard drive.

This video takes a look at a newly installed Windows 8 pro and in particular how we can clean up old Windows files to free up more space on a drive.

Every time you upgrade Windows it creates a Windows.old file which contains the files from the version of Windows you upgraded from. This is a useful tool for recovering data you may not have backed up before you upgraded Windows.

The thing is, once you are happy you have all your files in your new operating system the windows.old folder on your C: drive is not really needed and just takes up a lot of space you could be using for other things.

So, in the video below I take a look at how to remove that folder and also how cleaning your hard drive in this way can help you keep on top of the redundant files on your computer which in turn will help speed up your system.



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