Can I install Windows 8 On My Computer?

In this post I take a look at the Windows 8 upgrade assistant and how it can be used to check your computers compatibility with the new Windows 8.

Windows 8 has now been released to the public, but if your not in the market for a new computer or laptop you maybe asking if you can install Windows 8 on your current computer.

Microsoft has also released a tool to answer this very question.

The two big questions to ask yourself before making such an update are, will my computer work with Windows 8? and also will the programs I have installed on my computer that I use everyday work with the new Windows?

By using the upgrade advisor Microsoft has removed most if not all of the worry of upgrading your computers operating system.

So, in the video below we will go through using the upgrade advisor to check that your computer and the software you have installed on it will work as the should with Windows 8.



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