How to Dual Boot Microsoft Windows 8 with Windows 7

Microsoft released it’s next operating system this week in the shape of the Windows 8 consumer preview. This post takes a look at how to dual boot it with Windows 7.

With Windows 8 comes a whole new look which is quite a big change from Windows of the past. Microsoft has added their mobile interface, Metro to the operating system to help bring together it’s desktop and mobile experience. 

Seeing as Windows 8 is still only in the consumer preview stage at the moment some computer users wanting to try the new software may not wish to replace their current version of Windows just yet.

This is where dual booting Windows 8 comes in, you can take a good look at Windows 8 while still having the option of your current Windows.

The Windows 8 install process is not a huge change from say installing Vista or Windows 7. The only real change is at the end of the install when you will need a Windows account (Xbox Live/Windows Live account) to get the full Windows 8 experience with things such as the new app store.

So, rather than add the whole install process here in type I’ve added a video to guide you through the process.

Just remember to backup any important data you may have on your computer before you start!

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