How to Wi-Fi Sync your iPhone or iPad to iTunes

With IOS 5 has come the ability to sync your iPhone, iPod and iPad with iTunes over your Wi-Fi network (iTunes 10.5 and above). Lets take a look at how we activate and use this new feature.


1. To start with you will need to connect you IOS 5 iPhone, iPod or iPad to you computer and iTunes with the Apple supplied USB cable.

2. Once you have connected to iTunes, click on your device in the left hand menu.

3. On the summary page of your device you will see the section named Options. Within the options list you will see “Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi

4. Place a tick mark in the box for Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi.

5. There is one important thing to do before we finish setting up iTunes and that is to make sure you are not syncing anything on the info tab over Wi-Fi, if you are also using iCloud backup. This could lead to duplicate contacts, calendars and e-mail accounts on your IOS device.

6. Click Apply then eject your device from iTunes.

That’s the iTunes side of things setup and ready to go, there is nothing to setup on the device itself. Your iPhone, iPod or iPad will now sync with iTunes whenever it is connected to a power source and is on the Wi-Fi network with iTunes running on your computer.

You can also start a sync yourself from within the setting of IOS 5.

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