How to Turn On Photo Stream in IOS 5 and iCloud

Apple added iCloud as part of it’s IOS 5 software update. We’ll take a look here at one of the many useful services iCloud offers, Photo Stream.

Photo stream allows IOS 5 users to share photos between any other IOS 5 device and their computers over a Wi-Fi network. If you take a photo using your iPhone’s camera and you enabled photo stream, the next time that iPhone connects to a Wi-Fi network, your photos will be shared through Photo Stream.

Photo stream is not enabled by default so here’s how we activate the service.

We’ll take a look at the iPhone settings, you will find the same settings on the iPad and iPod.

1. Open settings on your iPhone, iPod or iPad


2. Scroll down and tap on iCloud


3. Here you will see a list of iCloud services, including Photo Stream.
If you see OFF (Photo Stream is activated in the screenshot below) tap on Photo Stream.


5. Set the toggle switch to on


Photo Stream is now activated on your iPhone. Now all that is needed to share your photos is that you turn on Photo Stream on any other idevice you own.

To access your Photo Stream pictures on your Windows computer you can download and install iCloud Control Panel for Windows and you can find a blog walkthrough on how to do that HERE.