How to Backup Your Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad in iTunes Without Using Sync

In this blog post I want to take a look at how you can manually backup your iPhone/iPod or iPad without going through the whole iTunes sync process.

This walkthrough will deal with devices running any version of IOS including IOS 5.0.
Backup is performed through Apple’s iTunes. If you currently do not have iTunes installed on your computer you can download it from Apple’s website for free.

So, once you have iTunes installed lets take a look at the steps involved.

1. Find your device in the left hand side menu in iTunes under DEVICES.

iTunes 1

2. Right click on your iDevice which will open a submenu.

iTunes 2

3. Within the submenu right click on Back Up.

iTunes 3

4. iTunes will begin backing up your device.

iTunes 4

5. That’s it, your iPhone/iPod or iPad will now be backed up in iTunes.

This is a nice way to speed up the backup process if you do not have any items to transfer too or from your iDevice.