How to Add the Home Button to Google Chrome Browser

In this short video we’ll take a look at adding the home button to the Google Chrome browser.

New users to Google Chrome especially those users that are moving over from Internet Explorer may have noticed that after they install Google Chrome they are missing the home button in the browser.
The home button can be added to the browser once you have install the program and is quick and straight forward to do.

Also in this video I’ll show you how you can also add the bookmarks bar which again is very easy to do.
I’ll add a walkthrough here as well at the video.
  1. Open the Google Chrome browser
  2. In the top right of the browser window you will see a spanner/wrench
  3. Left click on the spanner/wrench icon to open the options list
  4. From the list left click Options
  5. On the page that opens you will see Toolbar
  6. Place a tick in the box at the side of Show Home Button
  7. Place a tick in the box at the side of Always show the bookmarks bar
  8. Close the options tab

You should now see your new home button at the top of the browser.
For a walkthrough on how to change your default homepage do a search on this blog for the video I have added.