How to Download and Install Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)

In this walkthrough I’m going to take a look at how to download and install Microsoft's new web browser Internet Explorer 9.

So, to start this install you first have to visit the Microsoft Internet Explorer at

UntitledOnce you have visited the link above you will be on the Internet Explorer download page. Here you will see the “Download Now” button in the centre of the page, click that button to begin the download process.

Once you have clicked the download button you will be offered a screen where you can select which language and operating system version of Internet Explorer 9 you would like to download.

When you have selected the version you would like to download Internet Explorer will begin to download to your computer.

Find the location you have downloaded the file to (the default should be to your download folder, Start – Downloads from the Windows desktop). Once found double click the .exe file.

Untitled7You will be offered this warning dialog box, click Run

In the dialog box that follows click the Install button.

Internet Explorer 9 will now begin to fully download and install on your computer.

You may find that if you have any open windows on your computer as you are installing IE9 you will see a dialog box asking you to close them. Save any data you maybe working on and then click continue. The installer will then close the windows for you.

The install will then continue.

After a short time the install will complete and Internet Explorer 9 will be installed on your computer. You will have to restart your computer before you can use your new browser.


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