How to Resize a Hard Drive from within Windows 7

This screencast takes a look at how to extend the size of your computers C partition/drive using the tools within Microsoft’s Windows 7.

Extending the size of your C drive or any partition in your computer is a relatively straight forward process but it dose have its draw back.

A Windows partition can only be extended in to its neighbouring partition which must be an unallocated space. This means that if the drive you are thinking of making larger has a neighbour that is in use that drive will have to be deleted!
The only way round this if you are using Windows 7 to extend your drive is to back-up all the data on the neighbouring drive then delete it, extend C then replace your date, that’s the draw back.
Once all your data is safely taken care of the rest of the task is easy as this screencast will show.
I also have a video on this site covering how to create a new Windows partition if you find you have one large C: drive/partition on your computer. To find that video simple use the search box and enter “Repartitioning a Windows hard drive”