How To Repartition a Windows 7 Hard Drive

It is possible to repartition your Windows 7 hard drive from within Windows 7 itself and it is a quite simple operation.

This screencast takes a look at what is involved in this quite simple procedure.
Repartitioning your hard drive is useful if you find that your computer has had its Windows installed on one large partition.

You may find that you would like to have a separate partition away from your Windows install to use as storage making thing easier if you have to reinstall Windows for any reason.

One of the big plus points of storing your data like this on a separate drive is that if you ever have problems with your Windows install or the C: drive you can simple just reinstall Windows again and you will not have to worry about all you other data due to it being on a different drive (always back your data up, check out and do a search for a Windows 7 back-up walkthrough).