How to Start Windows 7 in Safe Mode

Here we have a quick run through on how to start Windows 7 in safe mode (Vista and XP use the same method).
This is a great way to troubleshoot Windows start-up errors.
Along with last known good configuration safe mode is the first thing to try when Windows 7, Vista or XP will not boot as it should, all versions of Microsoft Windows boot into safe mode the same way with F8.

Safe mode starts Microsoft Windows with only the minimum driver set to get itself to a very basic usable state.
If you find that your computer will not start-up when you try a normal boot but then will boot ok in safe mode then you have just ruled out errors with the main Windows system files. The more likely problem now is with a bad driver or the like.

If your computer has now started in safe mode you could try restarting again, tapping F8 and selecting Last Known Good Configuration and then see if your computer will start normally.
One other option is to try what I call advanced system restore by booting from the Microsoft Windows install CD/DVD and running system restore from there (do a search on this site to find more info and videos on system restore), then try rolling back to a time that you know the computer was running and starting up normally.