How To Clean Install Windows 7 (without format)

Well if you can get away with not having to do a format at the point of installing Windows you give yourself more options when it comes to any files, folder or any data you may have had on your computer which you didn't have backed up.

Windows XP has a similar method of installing without totally destroying the data you had saved on your hard drive in which it just over installed the Windows system files and didn't touch the folders holding your data.
Windows 7 goes about this a little differently in that it puts all your data in a folder called windows.old then installs your new install in the default windows folder.

What this means is that once Windows 7 has installed you can access that windows.old folder and them move over you user files such as photos videos and the like to your new install of Windows.
This video will show you how to go about installing Windows 7 in this way and how to recover your data.