How to use Windows 7 Backup Pt1

There are those of us computer users that have, and those of us that are going too!

I’m talking about data loss, losing photos, videos, a work file or folder. Question is, if it happens to you how do you get it back after the event? 

If you have been unlucky in the past and have lost data through a hardware fail such as a faulty hard drive or a computer crash as you were working on a file which then became corrupt (see part two of this video for a real life demo of that!) you will probably know the value of a good backup plan!

Maybe you had your data backed up at the time of the fail, if you didn’t you will now also know the value of your data, hardware can be fixed or replaced the same can’t always be said about you priceless documents or photos.

So how are we going to safeguard that important data you have on you pc?

Windows 7 has a great backup software built into the operating system and in this video we’ll take a look at how we can use that to backup the data on our computers.
You will need some kind of storage device which you will use to store the backed up data on, an external hard drive will be fine.

The video will cover how we go about backing the data up but one word of warning, don’t rely on blind faith once you have your backup, it’s always a good idea to test the back up by restoring a file or two to a different location on the hard drive (Don’t overwrite the original copy!) just to make sure the files and folders are backed up OK on the external drive or whatever you used in your backup.

Even better, and this is how many people backup really important data to them is make a third copy of your files on a different backup medium such as the internet, there are many companies offering this kind of Internet backup nowadays just do a search on Google to find more details on that. 

Thanks for watching.