How To Use DIY PC Repairs.

Most computer problems are not that difficult to solve if you have a basic idea of what the problem is.

There are many sites and forums like this one all over the Internet that will help and guide you to ways of putting right most if not every problem you may face.
Having said that, some site do a better job of walking a user through a fix than others.

Here at DIY PC Repairs I aim to make it as clear as possible how to perform those fixes yourself with the help of videos to guide you along.
I've always found it much easier to watch someone walk you through something than using a walkthrough that has been written in steps.

I will be using screenshot walkthroughs on this site where it is difficult to get video coverage of a fix, I aim to make them as clear as possible with plenty images and photos to help you along.

As I add more and more videos to the site the easiest way for you, the site visitor, to find a video linked to your problem is to use the blogs search function.
You will see on the top right of each page a site search box. By adding a keyword or phrase to the box related to your problem then clicking "search" the site will open a new window with all the articles and videos from the site that may help you to fix your problem.

The site has been categorised to also help you find relevant information and a list of those categories can be found down the right side of every page on the site.

Thank you for visiting