How to add a new user account to Windows 7

Adding new user account to any version of Windows is a relatively straight forward task to perform.

In this video we look at how to add a administrator user account to Windows 7 but also how to downgrade an account to a standard user.
How to add the new user account,
  1. Click start
  2. Left click Control Panel in the start menu
  3. Under accounts and family safety left click add or remove user accounts 
  4. Under the boxed area showing the existing user accounts left click Create a new account
  5. Within the new account window enter the name you would like to give you new account
  6. Select either administrator or standard account type
  7. Click create account
You will now see your newly created account in the users boxed area.

To change a user account from either standard or administrator,
  1. follow steps 1 to 3 above
  2. Right click the account you are changing
  3. You will be offered a number of options relating to that user account
  4. Right click change account type
  5. Select the account type you prefer administrator/standard
  6. Right click change account type

Thanks for watching.