How To Format and Clean Install Windows 7

Taking a look at how to format and then perform a clean install Windows 7.

OK, here I have a video that will guide you through performing a format and then clean installation on Windows 7.

The video starts by having already set the computer to boot from  a DVD and not the hard drive (If you are not sure how to make this change here this a link to a video and walkthrough that covers changing your BIOS/CMOS setting
The video then moves on to cover the the main point of how to do a fresh clean install of Windows 7 on a newly formatted hard drive.

You will be guided through the whole process which when using Windows 7 and this video really is very straight forward as you will discover.

Please make sure you back-up your important data before you format your computer as all data will be lost in the formatting stage!

Thanks for watching, hope it helps.