How to Use Advanced System Restore, Windows 7.

Using System Restore from the Windows 7 install dvd

We know from other videos on this blog how to use and what system restore is but there is more than one way to run system restore on your computer.

This walkthrough will look at how to use system restore when you can’t boot into Windows 7.
Maybe you have installed a software update or made a change to your computer that has stopped Windows from starting up.

If only you could roll back your computer to a time before you installed that update or made that change!
If you have a Windows 7 install DVD there is a way to access system restore without starting Windows.

This should only be use as a last resort when you can’t start Windows 7.

Due to this being quite a complex walkthrough I’m only going to cover it in the video below.
There are settings in the BIOS that will need changing in order to boot your computer from the DVD and not the Windows 7 install on your hard drive.
If you do not feel confident making changes to the BIOS please do not continue with this procedure!

If when you insert your Windows DVD and restart you computer you are asked to “press any key to boot from DVD then you will not have to make the BIOS changes and you can ignore that section of the video.

You can find the video that covers using system restore from within Windows 7 here
Please make sure that any important data you may have on your computer is backed up before following this walkthrough or video!