How to easily restore deleted files and folders within Windows 7 using Shadow Copy.

If you’ve ever deleted a file accidentally from Windows 7 this walkthrough will show you how to recover it!

We’ve all done it, accidentally deleted a file, photo or video we really didn’t mean to and you find your recycle bin empty!

If you ever find yourself in that terrible position, what are your options?

There isn’t anything more reliable for file recovery than a good back-up plan but failing that let me show you a trick most tech will try first to get your data back when dealing with Windows 7.

First of all this is only going to help if you have System Restore or Windows back-up running on your computer before you lost your data!
Take a look at my Windows System Restore videos for how to setup System Restore on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

Please make sure that any important data you may have on your computer is backed up before following this walkthrough or video!

How to restore your data.

1. Navigate to the folder that held your file/data before it was deleted.
2. Right click on an empty area within that folder.
3. On the menu that appears left click Properties.
4. Within the dialog box that opens left click the Previous Versions tab along the top.

At this point if you have System restore or Windows back-up running you will now be shown a dialog box with a list of all the old versions of the folder you are currently in.

5. Left click the most up to date version of the file or folder in the list.
6. Once you have chosen your file or folder left click on the restore button.
7. You will then be asked to verify your choice.
8. Left click restore.
9. Your data will now be restored to that date and time.

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