How To Change the Keyboard Layout in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Having problems with your keyboard?
How to change your default keyboard layout within Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

This is a keyboard problem that a lot of non US computer users run into when using a new computer or one that is newly formatted.

Users find that some of the keys on the keyboard don't seem to match what is appearing on the screen in front of them when pressed. The two main keys are the @ and "(2) which switch places.

What is happening is that by default, Windows will setup a US keyboard layout at install which when used on a physical UK keyboard doesn't match up the @ and ".

This is a really quick and easy problem to solve which just requires a couple of settings to be changed within Windows.

This walkthrough and video is for both Windows 7 (covered in the video) and Windows Vista. Changing keyboard setting is the same process in both versions of Windows.

Please make sure that any important data you may have on your computer is backed up before following this walkthrough or video!

  1. From the Windows desktop left click the start button
  2. On the start menu left click Control Panel
  3. In Control Panel left click Clock, Language and Region
  4. Under Region and Language, left click Change keyboards or other input methods
  5. In the Region and Language dialog box left click the Keyboards and Languages tab
  6. In the Keyboards and Languages tab left click Change keyboards...
  7. On the general tab that opens left click Add
  8. Look down the list and find English (United Kingdom)
  9. Expand +English (united Kingdom), then expand +Keyboard
  10. Tick the box next to United Kingdom then click OK
  11. In the default input Language drop down list, left click English (United Kingdom)
  12. Left click Apply
  13. Left click OK

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